Clinical Nutrition: Brand Expansion

BrandTwist was engaged to create a new brand positioning and next-generation product line for the Viactiv brand when Guardion Health Sciences purchased its parent company, Activ Nutritional. This was part of a new growth strategy for GHS to more widely compete in the clinical nutrition market.

“Amazing job with the Brand Safari and Brand Positioning workshop. It was outstanding!”

Bret Scholes, Chief Executive Officer GUARDiON Health Sciences, Inc.


Viactiv is well-known and well-loved for its delicious bite-sized, soft chews, which provide women with the calcium and Vitamin D they need for strong bones from adolescence through to pregnancy and menopause. BrandTwist was engaged to help the client create a new positioning and product line-up that looks ahead for other ways to help women stay active and stay strong — inside and out — all through life. Our work included an out-of-category Brand Safari for inspiration, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, New Product Development and Brand Guidelines to capture the new Viactiv roadmap and communicate with clarity and consistency across the different brand platforms. Key to this exploration was looking at brands outside of nutritional supplements that help women feel strong and confident inside and out – such as Nike, LuluLemon, Allure and TWISTING those insights with Viactiv to propel the brand into its next generation of growth.


We’re currently deep in brand-building mode. Check back soon for more.