The Twist unlocks your brand

This is not brand theory, it’s branding in action.

The 3 mission-critical reasons why you need to TWIST:


on who you want to serve

If you target everyone, you connect with no one. Together, we clarify your ideal target and make them your top priority. We hone in on brand messages that will TWIST buyers into valuable brand ambassadors.


your brand with speed

This is branding for impact. We bring real experience from building some of the world’s most beloved brands. Our interactive TWIST approach delivers real-time, actionable insights and a plan to get your ideas to market faster.


by standing out

We take off your brand blinders, look beyond your category, and TWIST fresh insights to break through. When your brand has a unique TWIST, you make the most of every resource, every touch point, and every opportunity.

“Every brand should be doing the TWIST.”

Raul Leal, CEO of Virgin Hotels

Discover the power of the TWIST

In her best-selling book, TWIST: How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands (Panoma Press, May 2016), brand guru Julie Cottineau illustrates why your brand, not your budget, is your strongest secret weapon. She also argues that too many companies focus too keenly on direct competitors, which results in “me too marketing” — messaging that all looks and sounds alike.

Julie builds upon decades of research and experience as former Vice President of Brand at Richard Branson’s Virgin Management and the creator of BrandTwist. In this book, she offers practical advice on how individuals, executives, and companies can step out of the status quo and see their stories with a fresh, new perspective and build their personal and professional brand TWIST. This isn’t your typical, stodgy business book — TWIST is actionable, relevant, and accessible. It draws on popular culture, science, human behavior, and basic curiosity to encourage unconventional and creative techniques to bring fresh perspectives and breakthrough results. It makes branding accessible and fun, unlocks creative potential, and offers a clear action plan for better branding. Hear what readers are raving about and order your copy today.