Lifestyle Hotel: Brand Creation

How do you stand out in a $154 billion industry with thousands of hotels and consumer-to-consumer rentals? You create a lifestyle brand where “everyone leaves feeling better.” While at Virgin, Julie was on the team that created the Virgin Hotels vision, including brand standards, and “magic moments” through the experience. She worked with creative partner, 1 Trick Pony, to create an impactful website and other design assets. She has continued to collaborate with Virgin Hotels as BrandTwist.

“Every brand should be doing the TWIST.”

Raul Leal, CEO of Virgin Hotels


Creating a new TWIST in the hotel category meant going beyond comfortable and stylish rooms to a 360-degree brand experience. Guests feel connected to the city they are staying in with Chambers (instead of rooms), where you are encouraged to unpack and relax, and virbrand Commons Clubs that borrow from the successful connectivity of Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Clubs.


The Virgin Hotels brand was launched in 2010 with its flagship hotel in Chicago. It has since expanded to include unique properties in Dallas, Las Vegas, Nashville, and New Orleans with 6 more properties planned for the near future in iconic cities. Virgin Hotels has been the proud recipient of numerous awards including the “Most Visionary Hotel” for Entrepreneur Magazine’s Business Travel Awards.