Online Travel: Brand Creation

A travel portal created by five leading airlines, the product needed to be seen as easy to use while offering the most comprehensive flight choices online. The name needed to signal a disruption in the industry as well as travel well, globally (no pun intended).


Julie and her team (then at Interbrand) created hundreds of potential names and then ran them through vigorous Trademark pre-screening to find a globally available name and URL. After development and consumer research, Orbitz was chosen. Memorable, with a distinctive Z, offering a galaxy of choice, it was the perfect name for the next generation of travel fare aggregator and metasearch engine.


Upon launch in June 2001 over 3.7 million unique visitors went to By July they had over 1 million users and sales of over $100 million. In February 2015, Expedia announced that it would acquire Orbitz for $1.2 billion in cash. Orbitz remains a key industry player and a brand connected to modern consumers through initiatives such as the recent signing by 35K Hotel partners of the Orbitz Pledge to provide LGBTQ-Welcoming lodging.