Media: Executive Women Workshop

“Personal Branding” is a hot topic, but how do you actually build a strong personal brand and why do you need one? To inaugurate its newly formed “Discovery Women’s Network” internal group, the media company tapped BrandTwist to lead an interactive workshop “Personal Branding with a TWIST” – appropriately scheduled during Women’s History Month.

“The interactive session went great and Discovery Women saw first hand how easy it is to think differently about your brand and TWIST!”

Jean Carucci, Director, Marketing and Project Management, Discovery Network


We all have personal brands. They build off of our personalities. But to truly shine, you need to pay attention to your personal brand. It requires time, attention, adjustments and updating. Just like with a product or company brand, your personal brand needs a PLAN!


A strong personal brand can help you stand out in your company or industry, create strong professional relationships, and amplify your impact.
The group was led through 3 key strategies for building a stronger personal brand including:
Defining your personal brand
Key strategies to make it stronger
TWISTING to stand out – interactive exercise
The Result?
The over 40 employees that participated walked away with tangible and creative ideas on how to build their Personal Brand Plans.