Social Network: Innovation Workshop

Even creatives need help getting creative. BrandTwist was asked to inspire over 80 User Experience Designers and Researchers from Twitter who were gathered from across the country in San Francisco for a “Design Week” offsite.

“Julie inspires with her energy and knowledge — and solutions that are both creative AND strategic.”

Lauren Liao, Experience Strategy at Twitter


Working 24/7 within any category, designers can get myopic. BrandTwist helped the Twitter team broaden their understanding of the power of brand as a business driver (beyond design) and gave them an impactful tool to create new “Big Ideas” on an on-going basis. Together, through a series of one-on-one interviews, a 90=minute keynote, and a 3-hour interactive workshop, we looked beyond the tech and social media category to experiential brands and TWISTED new ideas for Twitter.


The team created hundreds of exciting experience ideas over 2 days and walked away with a new tool in their creative toolbox to return to whenever they need a boost of inspiration.