Celebrity Icon: Personal Branding

From model to media mogul, Tyra Banks knows a thing about creating powerful brands. But even the pros need some advice from other pros. Julie first met Tyra when she invited her to lecture at the “#Project You: Building and Extending Your Personal Brand” class Tyra created with Professor Allison Kluger at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Julie and Tyra were soon TWISTing together to hone Tyra’s own brand strategy.

“Julie has successfully helped me to hone my personal brand and I instilled her principles in the website work. It’s got Cottineau TWISTS all over it!”

Tyra Banks, Model and Media Mogul


Tyra is a big fan of Richard Branson’s Virgin brand. We TWISTED BrandTwist’s first-hand lessons from Virgin on how to create a single Brand Promise and Brand Values that can stretch across multiple business ideas, shake things up with unexpected Brand Touchpoints (like Virgin America’s music video safety video), and leverage a signature bold color for brand consistency across multiple businesses (like Virgin does with its red hot color palette).


The result of our one-on-one VIP coaching was a strong Brand Strategy and clear, impactful Brand Messaging integrated by Tyra’s design team into a new website (Tyra.com). It included a more strategic use of her signature yellow, which represents Tyra’s open and optimistic commitment to “Flawsome Beauty”, embracing and flaunting what’s unique to you. We also created Brand Guidelines for a clear roadmap on how to apply her refined Brand Strategy to Brand Touchpoints such as website copy, social media, visual identity, tone of voice, and new business ideas to keep expanding this dynamic brand.