Leading Candy: Brand Innovation

How do you innovate when the product is already perfect? Where do you find inspiration? We took a cross-functional team of Hershey executives on an illuminating Brand Safari in the heart of NYC’s SoHo to uncover new insights and inspiration resulting in the creation of 30 new product and packaging concepts for this beloved global brand with over $2Billion in sales.

“I really like the directions and believe a few of these definitely have platform potential.”

Robert Gavazzi, Senior Director, Head of US Confection Innovation at The Hershey Company


We drew packaging, product and emotional benefit inspiration from other iconic brands such as Converse, Urban Outfitters and MOMA then TWISTed them with Reese’s for fresh ideas.

Because we were focusing on transition moments in Reese’s customers’ lives (e.g., transitioning from work to home) our Innovation work also included interviews with “TWISTED Experts” in Transition outside of the category such as career coaches and restorative yoga instructors to deliver fresh language and insights that were applied to Reese’s. This incredibly rich project was completed in just 6 weeks time, start to finish.


The BrandTwist team, in partnership with our friends at TrueGeist, developed over 30 concepts including product names and package designs, with 15 BASES-ready concepts prioritized by the Reese’s Innovation team for immediate testing. And, no, we can’t tell you any more about this project. #NotSorry