OTC Pharma: Brand Innovation

Brand innovation in highly regulated industries is not for the faint of heart. But we love a challenge. So we partnered with the global dESIGN&iDEAS team at Bayer to TWIST our way to fresh ideas through Brand Safaris in New York’s SoHo neighborhood as well as downtown Frankfurt.

“It was helpful to get out of the office and see what other brands are doing. It really opened our thinking.”

— Bayer Brand TWIST Safari Participant


Led by the BrandTwist expert field guides, Bayer executives from R&D, Marketing, Compliance and Brand visited iconic brand experiences in both New York and Frankfurt to create fresh ideas for beloved brands in the aspirin and digestive categories. For example, inspiration from Nespresso on how they create constant news and innovation around one product form (the capsule) and celebrate the origin of their hand-picked coffee beans helped open Bayer executives’ eyes to new ideas for packaging and storytelling. We also had some fun with an inspired “What’s My TWIST?” panel of related experts (from non-healthcare occupations) who shared valuable insights to concepts like protection. Why just speak to medical professionals, when you can be inspired by bouncers, cyber security professionals, and firemen?


Our relationship with the Bayer team started with a single Brand Safari around one core brand in New York City. Based on the creative ideas developed, we were soon engaged to lead Brand Safaris and “What’s My TWIST?” inspired expert panels behind other key brands in the portfolio in Frankfurt and Amsterdam (all within 12 months)!