Brand School Winter 2020

About Brand School by BrandTwist

Brand School by BrandTwist is the premier program for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to move their businesses forward with a TWIST.

The TWIST is what will set you apart from your competition, allow you to charge a premium for what you do best and have you fall in love with your business again. It is your most valuable business asset.

In Brand School, we help you find your TWIST. It is our learning-by-doing program where we work with you to develop a brand strategy that will TWIST you away from your competition and allow you to connect with your most profitable audiences.

We believe Brand School is the most powerful development investment you can make.

You will achieve results far greater than expected for your business and for yourself.

Designed to transform your business with a TWIST.

Brand School has helped hundreds of Alumni completely transform their businesses with fresh perspectives. This is by design. Julie Cottineau created Brand School to do just that.

Our students enroll in Brand School feeling stuck. They believe the potential of what they offer, but they need to find their TWIST to get their business to that next level and beyond.

Our students graduate Brand School with a powerful brand strategy that drives immediate and ongoing results. And we make sure of it.  

You will too. With our online instruction, LIVE classes, TWIST exercises, individual feedback and one-on-one coaching; you will graduate with the tools you need to move your business forward with clear direction, including:

  • A clear focus on your most profitable customers and ideal target
  • A  full understanding of your ideal target and how to turn them into brand fans for life
  • A brand promise with a TWIST that will truly connect with your ideal target
  • A strategic brand framework to guide all your business decisions
  • An elevator pitch with a TWIST that will actually work
  • A personal brand story with a TWIST that will add great value to your business
  • Tools, templates and briefs to drive your core design elements, imagery and how you talk about your business
  • A clear road map to make your TWIST live across your entire business

Semester details:

Brand School Master is the 8-week program to find your TWIST and immediately apply it to your business.

Brand School Master faculty supports you with online course materials, LIVE classes with Julie Cottineau on Thursdays, individual feedback and one-on-one coaching that will uncover your unique TWIST.

LIVE online classes with Julie Cottineau are every Thursday at 12 pm EST. 

LIVE classes are not recordings, but real-time with Julie and your classmates. It is our time to discuss real TWISTS to impact your business and address your specific ideas and challenges. They are interactive and invaluable.

Brand School core topics include:

  • Brand Diagnostic: Goal Setting
  • Bull’s Eye Targeting: Find your B.A.E.
  • Core Brand Promise
  • Strategic Brand Framework and Pillars with a TWIST
  • Brand Story: The elevator pitch and personal TWIST
  • Intro to Implementation with a TWIST: Names, taglines and design

Typical class schedule:

The topic for each week is as follows:

  1.  Introduction to the TWIST and your Brand Diagnostic
  2.  Defining your Bull’s Eye Target
  3.  Building a distinctive Brand Promise
  4. Supporting your Brand Promise with distinctive Brand Pillars
  5. Developing a powerful Tagline and Personal Brand Story
  6.  Creating a clear and actionable Brand Brief for logo and website design
  7. Innovating through a Brand Safari – guided inspiration exercise
  8. Creative revenue streams and brand touch points with a TWIST

Everything we do in Brand School we do with a TWIST.

Each week will include fun TWIST exercises to push your thinking and help you apply all your learnings to your business.

Individual Feedback and One-on-One Coaching

Throughout each semester, we work with you to develop the brand framework your business needs to grow.

Total Brand School Value: $26,850

Total Brand School Tuition: $1,950

We are enrolling for our next virtual Brand School Master Class focused on managing brands through this Covid-19 Crisis.

Spaces are very limited.

Reach out here to get more information.

TWIST with the best: Brand School Faculty

Each member of our Brand School Faculty has tremendous experience in their field. They are all entrepreneurs and founders of their own small businesses. They are all Brand School Alumni and masters of the TWIST. And, most importantly, they are all passionate about helping your find your unique TWIST.

Brand School students connect with members of our faculty in such a positive way that they often continue working together for years after graduation.

Meet members of the Brand School faculty:

Cheryl E. Fisher



HelloMethod LLC

Liz Osting

Design Specialist


Herculiz Design

Alison Sheehy

Image Specialist


Alison Sheehy Photography

Laura Winston

Trademark Specialist

Principal Attorney

Offit Kurman

We are currently enrolling for Brand School Master.

Classes start January 30, 2020!

Spaces are very limited.

Brand School FAQs Answered by Julie

How long is Brand School and how much time do I need to spend on my work each week?

Brand School Master Class is an 8 week program. Each week, plan to spend at least 2 hours actively TWISTING. This includes our 90 minute LIVE class plus 30 minutes to work on your business each week. However, you will quickly find that you LOVE to TWIST and may find yourself spending more than just 30 minutes focusing on your business, which is a GREAT thing!

When and where are LIVE Classes held?

LIVE classes are via LIVE webinars. Webinars serve as our mobile classroom. You can join from any device and from anywhere you like.

What if I need to miss a class or two?

Do not worry if you need to miss a class or two. We record every LIVE class and make the recordings available the very next day. Plus, if you need extra help to catch up, we will ALWAYS give that to you.

I have an amazing business idea, but have not yet established my company. Is Brand School right for me?

If you are serious about your business and ready to build a strategy, then YES, Brand School is right for you! It is the perfect investment to figure out who to target and how to build a brand they will fall in love with. Brand School will help you launch into your marketplace with a TWIST, which will set you apart from your competition and position you at a premium.

How much does Brand School cost?

Brand School Master Class tuition is $1,950 for my 8 week program. This is a steal! The program is valued at over $26,000! In fact, I’ve had many advisors tell me I need to charge more. Way more. But I won’t do that because I love to work with small business owners and I love to give you everything I’ve got at a price your balance sheet can handle.

Are there payment plan options for small businesses?

Absolutely! Brand School is not only a very reasonable total investment, but you can also spread the cost over 1 to 4 months. That means your monthly payment for Brand School can be as low as $487.50! For less than $500 a month, you can TWIST your business away from your competition and finally stand out.

Can I speak to a Brand School Alumni before I enroll?

Yes. I am so grateful to have an incredibly supportive Alumni network who are always very happy to share their experience with new TWISTERS. All you need to do is ask and you shall receive! Let me know if you’d like me to connect you to an Alumni and I will make it happen.

How do I continue with the amazing one-on-one coaching after I graduate?

This is a question I get ALL the time. It proves to me that the one-on-one coaching with Brand School is so valuable, Alumni want to come back for more! I have special coaching rates for Brand School Alumni. Once you graduate, I can share those details!

Is Brand School worth it?

Allow me to answer this with the questions I frequently ask new TWISTERS…

Is having the ability and confidence to raise your prices worth it?

YES! Here is a fun stat: 90% of Brand School graduates raise their prices within 3 months of graduation.

Looking at the bigger picture, is changing the way you think about your business and finding your TWIST worth it?

YES! The TWIST gets you unstuck and inspires you to continue to innovate and better serve your ideal target EVERY DAY.

Oh, and is growing a fan base of amazing clients worth it?

YES! Brand School helps you figure out your ideal target. When you successfully do this and then center everything you do around them, they come flocking.

Above all, is being truly proud of and motivated by your brand worth it?

YES! So many students join Brand School slightly embarrassed by their brand. Brand School Alumni are embarrassed no more! They leave gleaming with pride and ready to take action.

So, is Brand School worth it? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Brand School is the most impactful investment you can make in your business.

Full stop.

We are currently enrolling for Brand School Master.

Classes start March 22, 2019!

Spaces are very limited.