Premium Spirit:
Brand Creation

During Julie’s time at Interbrand, she spearheaded the Stolichnaya account and gave the Company greater brand value. Leading mass-market vodka brand Stolichnaya wanted to compete in the highly competitive and image-driven ultra-premium market. Julie and her team came together and created the breakthrough Elit brand.


The new brand positioning played up the “fire beneath the ice” character of old Russia. The Elit name is classic with a spelling TWIST and an easy bar call. Together with the minimalist label graphics and proprietary bottle structure, the branding delivers an ultra-premium and ultra-pure experience.


The Elit brand hit shelves and immediately started generating buzz through press and social media channels. Julie and her team’s design innovations were wildly successful. Within two months of Elit’s launch, production supply sold out. The brand’s high-class appeal continues to push this super-premium vodka to new heights in the market.