You Tube & Customer Service

There’s been lots of talk about social media and the power of a disgruntled few who can get their message out to to the masses through You Tube and other social media.

Check out this video from a Halifax group singing about a bad experience they had on United Airlines.

It received 500,000 views in it’s first 3 days, almost 5 million views to date and over 20,000 comments.

Worth paying attention to.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?
Is viral complaining an anomaly or the shape of things to come?

One thought on “You Tube & Customer Service

  1. Shape of things that are here…and here to stay. Customers wanting to use new media to share [mostly] bad experiences shouldn't surprise us. As every medium has come into play, it becomes a vehicle for consumer action/searching for help. Kind of like porn which has also adapted to/adopted every form of communications.

    Remember it wasn't too long ago people were saying "Email? Nah, I don't use that" and "Do we really need a website?"

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