Which Brands Say “I Love You”?

There are only 5 days left to Valentine’s Day, have you found that special gift to show how much you care?

I’ve got a few ideas, and I’m hoping the BrandTwist readers can help me build on them.

Chocolate is always a good standby.  But I say if you are going to give such  a classic gift, do it with a twist. That’s why I love Vosges Chocolates.  The packaging alone is an aphrodisiac. And the flavor combinations are so inspired. The bacon and chocolate combo sounds bizarre, but trust me it’s fabulous.

A little Google searching under “Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts” came up with this interesting site. It’s called FindGift.com. You  input information about who the gift is for and it serves up a list of suggestions.

In my case, I put in information about my husband and it suggested these interesting experiences including a chance to Test Drive his Favorite Race Car, a 007 James Bond Camp, a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Adventure, and Zookeeper For the Day.

For those of you feeling a bit more bah humbug (or bah lovebug) about the holiday, there are actually Anti-Valentine’s Day gifts.

My two favorites are the Elephant Poop Paper Roses and the Ex Vodoo Kitchen Knife Block. Perhaps, not surprisingly, there seems to be more creative choices available for hate than love.

If you are feeling lucky in love and might want to get luckier in the bedroom, Red Envelope offers these Get Lucky Dice that offer a mix of phrases, body parts and actions. You roll them to come up with new combinations.

Note to all the men out there, RedEnvelope also offers a cute silver Baby Elephant Ring Holder. You place your rings on it’s trunk for convenient storage. While this might look practical and attractive…trust me, no woman wants an association with an elephant on Valentine’s Day. Think twice before buying this, it’s the kind of seemingly harmless gift that can get you into trouble.

If your mate is less of a champagne, chocolates and roses kind of guy you might want to try the Beer of the Month Club. A year round expression of your love.

Maybe you will get lucky and he will reciprocate with a gift to Spa of the Month Club.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?
What have been your most memorable Valentine’s Gifts?

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  1. thanks for the tip on findgifts.com! “property of cari” shorts have officially been added to my “possible last minute v-day gift” list! beer of the month is already on the list! great minds think alike!

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