This Memory Sponsored by…

I took my 8 year old son to a Mets game at Citi Field Friday night.

And while the 3-0 loss to the Cincinnati Reds, was disappointing, what really got me was the overabundance of “sponsored” moments at the game.

I know this is not a new phenomenon, and I know that the Mets are not alone in this.

But what really got to me was the disappointment in my 8 year old’s voice when he remarked, “there sure are a lot of ads here, Mom.”

There’s a lot that’s right with Citi Field and the experience. The facade is beautiful, the people that work there (from the food servers, the security staff, to the man who runs the elevator) were all so warm and friendly.

The food options are great. And the Jackie Robinson Rotunda allows for an important teaching moment.

But the view is crammed with so many billboards and every single break in play is sponsored by yet another company with a branded “moment” or an inane “contest” (e.g. best stadium kiss, best show of soft hands, best pass the pizza boxes down the aisle etc, ect).

Each of these ends with some group of “lucky fans” winning a gift certificate to a restaurant, sporting store, even a gift basket of hand creams.

In my opinion, it takes away from the overall brand connection with the Mets and the stadium.

It was a beautiful summer night, our first time at the new field, a special mother-son outing, and a memory in the making.

I was treasuring every minute of my “Hallmark Moment” I guess I just didn’t need to be so blatantly reminded who it was sponsored by.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?
Do you think sports event branding has gone too far or is this just the new norm?

One thought on “This Memory Sponsored by…

  1. I cam here to read your etiquette post, but then saw the link to this post. I was at Citi Field for the first time the day after you. Here is my main takeaway that I twittered:

    Citi Field is a giant food court with a Jackie Robinson Museum, ballfield and enough media and distractions to make you forget the Mets suck

    Subsequently I've been telling everyone about all the ads and sponsored stuff.

    When they asked us to email game photos to the Mets website, I sent a picture of the chop shops behind the stadium.

    Meanwhile, I spent 2 hours yesterday editing the photo the roving photographer took of my dad, nephew and me so it would fit into the appropriate Mets frame. $50 later…

    Glad I found you, see you on Twitter.


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