The Magic Ingredient

In honor of the World Innovation Forum in NYC last week I was poking around on YouTube and came across this clip from a 2006 Forum session. I hadn’t seen it before, and I think it’s worth watching.

Andy Cohen, an inspirational speaker, taught the audience a coin trick and gave an important lesson in what we each bring to innovation.

He believes the real magic of innovation, lies not in the ability to master the trick. But rather in what each of us brings to the table. Our uniqueness, makes the solutions unique. It creates the sparkle and the “ahh”.

I believe this. I’ve seen alot of innovation companies who claim to have “proprietary” methodology. But in the end, I think a lot of it (on paper) is the same.

What I think makes the difference between an OK innovation experience or outcome and a truly inspired one…is the people.

It’s the brains using the tools. Not the tools themselves.

Maybe that’s obvious. But I think it’s worth repeating. Watch the video, at the very least it will give you a new way to impress your friends this weekend.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?

What tricks do you have up your sleeve?

2 thoughts on “The Magic Ingredient

  1. Hi Julie,

    I am loving your blog. I discovered the left-hand-eating thing a while ago, but now I need to expand to other areas–underwear, I love that. And now magical thinking. Keep it coming!—Dave Bolton

  2. Thanks Dave. Appreciate the support. If you have time to sign up to be a follower that would be fantastic. I am trying to break the 20 person mark this week!
    Hope you are well.

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