Luxury Style With a Twist


JJ and Shannon Wilson saw a gap in the luxury apparel industry. They wanted sophisticated and luxurious clothing but also desired the practicality and control of stretchy performance wear. So, unable to find what they were looking for, they decided to create it themselves. They took the comfort and ease of the stretchy casual workout clothes they loved – think LuluLemon – and TWISTED it with the indulgent experience they craved – think Mercedes-Benz – and voila! Kit and Ace, designs that “look good and feel amazing.”

To create what they knew their customers would love, (ease combined with plush style) they developed revolutionary fabrics, like Technical Cashmere tm, a cashmere blend that is machine washable.

Shannon and JJ Wilson identified a marketplace void and created a unique, new product line that establishes a new niche in the fashion industry.

There’s always room for innovation. Take a look at what’s missing in your category. Look to other brands for inspiration and apply a creative TWIST that will set your brand apart.

What brand could you TWIST with to create something new and needed?

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