A Sticky Twist Keeps Things Close at Hand


Any crafts person, artist, home cook or busy mom knows that having favorite tools close at hand is a time and frustration-saver. You want that favorite spatula right by the stove but don’t want to take up valuable counter space with a bulky canister overflowing with tools you usually don’t use. QuickStick identified a real gap in the home décor market to help their customer “Unlock your potential space”.

They took the concept of a Post-it® and TWISTED it for a re-stickable tool holder that sticks on just about any surface. No screws or glue required.  Baby Boomers are scaling down, career changers are constantly re-locating, and young adults and college students deal with cramped quarters and building restrictions.

With all the new gadgets and gizmos out there it may feel like there is no more room for innovation, but think about what’s constricting or frustrating your customer and how your product or service can help them break free.

Fresh ideas come from looking at old problems from twisted perspectives.

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