Being an Entrepreneur Can Be Lonely – But It Doesn’t Have to Be

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Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners end up spending a lot of time alone, immersed in running their business, working from home or by themselves in an office – and it can be lonely and draining. A highly effective way to break out of the solitary rut is to spend some time at the latest trend in workspace innovation – shared workspaces.

I urge you to check out venues like the Stamford Innovation Center. You’ll be able to interact, exchange ideas with others, and soak up inspiration in beautiful environments that will support you and keep you and your business in the brand-building zone.

Many of these workspace venues offer educational workshops that allow you to interact with like-minded business owners determined to take their brands to the next level. At each workshop participants share their enthusiasm, creative ideas and positive feedback.

To learn more about the effectiveness of in-person workshops, please check out this article, Twist Up Your Space – Wake Up Your Brand.

And, if you’re in the Greater New York City area, please JOIN US at one of our workshops. These interactive workshops will get you ready to launch into high gear with practical advice and tools you can start using that very day. We’ll show you how to:

▪   Create an achievable plan to grow your brand

▪   Reach your most valuable customers

▪   Generate fresh ideas – with a twist!

▪   Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs for powerful results

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Get Out and Go On a Brand Safari

This post is part of our series, “Thirteen Tips For Stronger Branding.” See the rest of the series HERE.

Branding is about experiences, but too often we get stuck behind our desks imagining the word through our computer screens instead of really engaging in it.  This year, make a commitment to have one new experience every month.


Go out on what I like to call brand safaris – trips where you are deliberately experiencing something new. Then, use the inspiration you gain and apply it to your own brand. In New York City for example, some great brand safaris could be taking a trip to the MoMa, traversing the Lower East Side, popping into the NBC Experience Store (the name says it all), one of the many Apple stores, even Times Square in Midtown. Bring a notebook and a camera, and become a people-watcher. Observe what people are doing and how they interact in their environment. Make sure to write down what you find interesting about each of these experiences and, once you’re back in your comfy office chair, think about different ways you can apply that same inspiration to your brand. If you work for a bigger corporation, organize a company outing. Make it a competition or a scavenger hunt for some healthy colleague interaction. Need help organizing a company outing? Contact us. Plus, read more about my take on brand safaris here.
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Brand building doesn’t mean just designing a pretty logo and creating a cool name. It means choosing a bull’s eye target and defining your unique brand promise to connect with your consumers on an emotional level. Bottom line: you need to pay attention to your brand.

And now you can. Brand School is the premier program that takes best practices of beloved brands such as Virgin, Apple, and Zappos and brings them to life in engaging videos, interactive exercises and exclusive access to a private community of other entrepreneurs. To learn more about the next semester of Brand School and receive news about our exclusive discounts for social media friends, sign up for our newsletter HERE. 

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