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There’s never been a more exciting time to be a brander – or a more challenging time. Julie Cottineau, BrandTwist and Brand School founder, author of TWIST and former VP of Brand at Virgin, shares the importance of strong brands in today’s crowded and ever-changing brandscape.

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TWIST: How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands by Brand School founder Julie Cottineau.

“This bold book encourages entrepreneurs and brand owners across all types of businesses to think outside the limits of their category and take risks, and gives them the tools to make them stand out from their competitors.” – Laura Winston, attorney, Kim Winston LLP

A Twist on a Traditional Car Rental


You finally arrive at your destination airport. You’ve been up since 4:00 am to make the 8-hour flight. Tired, stressed and disoriented, you’re not looking forward to waiting for the shuttle to take you to the car rental lot, standing in line to complete paperwork, haggling over which car model and price, and then lugging your suitcase to the far end of the car lot to hunt for your car.

The good news: the folks at SILVERCAR hear you, loud and clear.

With the tagline, “Car Rental the Way it Should be. No Hassle. No Lines. No paperwork.” SILVERCAR is just the ticket for the harried traveler.

To help travelers have a more stress-free, seamless way to reach their rental car, SILVERCAR took the latest mobile and tech trends (Think UBER app) – and TWISTED it with a luxury car experience (Audi) to come up with a solution that streamlines the car rental experience:

You download the SILVERCAR app on your mobile device and contact SILVERCAR when you arrive at the airport. A “concierge” picks you up and delivers you to the SILVERCAR lot – populated by only silver Audi A4’s – which means you know what car you’re going to get every time. Use your mobile device to unlock your car and away you go – with free onboard wi-fi, GPS, satellite radio, and no transponder fees at tolls, to boot. Now available at 10 major cities and airports across the U.S.

Take a look at the latest tech and experience trends outside of your category and think how you could apply them to help your customer have a more positive and seamless experience.  What uncertainty and hassles can you eliminate that would deliver something better?

Brand School gives you the tools to deliver fresh TWISTS and more of what your customers are looking for. See what Brand School’s team of experts can do for you and see if you qualify for a one-on-one Brand Health Check Strategy Session HERE.

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“Brand School allowed me to get to the essence of my brand. I was able to hone and tighten up my brand. Thank you, it’s a great program.” – Jonathan Flaks, President, Jonathan Flaks Coaching Associates

A Fashionable TWIST on Granny Glasses


I am always on the look out for that really great fashion statement piece, so I was quick to notice my BFF wearing a beautiful pendant necklace. That’s when she really impressed me by flipping her necklace open to reveal that it multi-tasked as a pair of chic reading glasses. This struck me as a brilliant TWIST. For the woman who is embarrassed to pull a pair of readers out of her designer handbag just to read a the menu in a hip restaurant –  Blinks are a great solution. Their tagline is “We make needing reading glasses a fashion statement.” No granny glasses here!

Blinks co-founders, sisters Stephannie Keller and Heidi Valenti, really understand a key pain point of their target customer, the fashion conscious middle-aged woman. They fittingly named their company Girl Powered Inc. Blinks really scores a home run with this stylish solution and was even featured in the 2012 Academy Awards swag gift bag.

As a Brand School graduate, I really love Brand School’s A+++ practice of TWISTING.  To successfully leverage lessons from brands that you admire you need to: 1) Become Aware of innovative brands, 2) Analyze what’s working and catching your attention and 3) Apply this to your own brand challenges.

This got me thinking about how I could incorporate a similar TWIST into my own brand, MissionBoost consulting. Everyone knows that social media is necessary tool to give your business a leg up. However, some of my clients are insecure about posting on social channels, as they do not want to come off as Granny with her first-time Facebook post. By incorporating my client’s individual voice and sense of style and using tools like Canva and Pablo, I help her create posts that are formatted with great fonts and beautiful images to make her and her businesses shine.

How can you use your favorite brand TWIST to inspire innovations that connect to your core customer and grow your business?

Brand School gives you the tools to innovate and deliver more of what your ideal customers really crave. See what Brand School’s team of experts can do for you and see if you qualify for a one-on-one Brand Health Check Strategy Session HERE.





“Brand School was helped us set structure to our process, define our target and recognize our customer’s motivations. We were able to create timely taglines and better define our branding campaigns.” – Randi Curhan, Development Coordinator for Redwood High School Foundation, Non-profit

About the author:


Randi Curhan is founder of, specializing in helping you figure out what you really need to do to bring your business to the next level, get projects off the plate, and get it done. Randi grew up 3rd of four kids, sandwiched between two gifted, mathlete brothers. Randi realized at a young age (when her preschooler brother shouted out the answers to her homework problems before she finished reading them) that she had to work a little harder to get where she wanted to be. That did not intimidate this girl who thrived on the challenge. It’s how she got into an ivy league school where she excelled among the Wharton pocket protector set, nailed the dream job at Goldman and got a spot in an amazing MBA program. Randi’s love of figuring sh** out and getting it done has always made her a valuable part of teams throughout her academic and professional life. Even while taking time “off” to raise her children, Randi was the one to set up fundraising systems, databases, email invitations and graphics for events. Consistently boosting and supporting people around her, always excited to learn the latest trends and tools and to put them into action, has earned Randi her status as “Legend” in ability to help others the job done.

You can reach Randi via, on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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Find the Perfect Match for Your Brand

There’s not a lot new about online dating. Or is there? HowAboutWe added a fresh, unexpected twist to their dating service by coming at things from a new angle. It’s not just about finding the right person to go out with, it’s also about figuring out what to do on your date.

This is an online dating site that is offline activity driven. And it’s targeting both singles and couples (another fresh twist).  On the singles side it’s what you want to do that drives the search and makes the headlines rather than a description of yourself. You “create” your ideal date activities to attract those who are interested in doing similar things. On the couple’s side, each person chooses activities they’d like to do and then shares with the other to create a great date. HowAboutWe also offers affordable access to activities and events by extending deeply discounted invitations to its members for exclusive offerings from local resources.

HowAboutWe didn’t invent something new. Online matchmaking and dating sites have become quite commonplace. Discount offers arrive every hour in our email. But HowAboutWe took a fresh look at the dating category – and by putting it all together in one place they are able to stand out in a competitive market.

What can your brand learn from them about creating deeper connections with your customers? Look beyond the table stakes of your category. Ask what else is it that people are seeking – and make that a part of what you deliver. Let’s say you sell teeth whitening strips. Simply put, your product makes teeth whiter. But what people REALLY want from your brand is to feel more appealing with a brighter and more confident smile. Armed with this knowledge you can deliver a stronger, more compelling brand promise. Offer tips on how to take great photographs; give make up advice; share ideas on what to wear to brighten your smile, or simply include more pictures of big beautiful smiles on your website.  You will go beyond users to loyal brand ambassadors.

Digging deep into what your customers are really looking for and recognizing how to more effectively deliver on that is a critical aspect of successful branding and business building. In Brand School, our highly effective, premier branding program, you’ll learn how to match your brand promise with your ideal target market. Receive more information about Brand School’s next session and get free brand-building tools and tips when you join our mailing list.

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