Twisting With Your Ex


What do you get when you take an online dating site and TWIST it with Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-Owned vehicles?  People who would love to shout out to the world that they know a classy, quality ex partner, brother, sister, cousin or best friend who would make a perfect match for… someone else.


There are so many dating sites out there, it can be a challenge to to find a twist that makes your business stand out, but take a look at what is doing: they put a TWIST on the age-old problem of finding the perfect match. They took the tried-and-true, traditional process of match-making (being set up by an family member or friend) and brought it into the tech & social media-savvy present century. Users are able to learn what makes a potential match so exquisite and why they would be a perfect catch directly from people who really know best: relatives, ex lovers, friends and roommates. Clients get to see prospects through another’s eyes. Simply by inviting users – and their circle of friends and family – to share their intimate perspectives, opened a whole new dimension in an overly-saturated market.

How could you apply a TWIST like this in your business and leverage knowledgeable influencers to invite your customers to take a test drive and fall in love with your brand?

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