The Ying and Yang of Powerful Brand Stories – Free Webinar Replay

Finding the balance between your business’ visual and verbal communication is essential to presenting a solid brand identity and building consumer comfort and loyalty. The smoother and more consistent you are in presenting your brand’s promise the more comfortable your ideal customer will feel when interacting with you – and the more likely they will be to stick with you as a loyal brand ambassador.

But how do you know which “tone” defines your type of business? How do you map your visual images with your language to tell your brand story with the right feel and attitude?

Recently BrandTwist Founder & CEO Julie Cottineau joined Rebecca Swift, Head of Creative Planning at iStock, to present a free webcast, “The Ying and Yang of Powerful Brand Stories,” on visual and verbal branding.

Click on the video, above, to learn how to:

  • Get your brand noticed by creating a compelling story
  • Use pictures and language to engage your market
  • Search more effectively to find the perfect image
  • Arrive at a verbal and visual balance to help your business succeed.
  • Identify the three main “tones” that resonate with customers, and know which one is right for your business.

The positive responses and feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming and we send a big thank you to all who shared their comments.

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Can Your Brand be Written as a Haiku?

Branding is often complicated.

But it doesn’t always need to be.

Sometimes the simpler the message, the more it breaks through.

I participated in an interesting Webinar recently. It was from The Writer, a brand consultancy that focuses on helping companies use words more powerfully.

They led the attendees through a really useful exercise, where you were asked to explain your brand as a Haiku.

You remember Haiku’s right? They are Japanese poems consisting of 17 syllables in the form of three lines (5-7-5 syllables per line respectively).

Here’s what I came up with for BrandTwist:

A seed of insight
Nurtured by twisting to thrive
A strong brand blossoms

I love this exercise because it forces you to take ideas and strip them down to their bare essentials. With only 17 syllables, you need to make every word count. Use it when you find yourself trying to describe something and you feel is just getting too complicated. For example, a job description, a product benefit, or why someone should choose your brand over another.

It’s funny, but the constraint of the Haiku can actually be quite liberating. If you can’t express your idea simply, you need to step back and rethink what you are trying to communicate. Because if you can’t strip it down, chances are your target audience will have trouble understanding as well.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?
Can you describe your brand in a Haiku?

Read the story of’s business owner, Lynn Stull’s, experience of doing this Haiku exercise to help build her brand HERE.

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The Tattoo Test: Measuring Brand Passion


People often ask me how do you measure consumer’s connection to a brand?

Is there some research metric that captures a level of engagement, likelihood to recommend, resiliency to switching?

Sure there is all sorts of quantitative methodology, including Net Promoter Scores .

But I like to go by a much simpler metric….the tattoo test.

Does your Brand elicit the kind of love that would drive people to … Keep reading » display it on their bodies. Not just a T-shirt or a baseball cap, but the more permanent and intense expression of a tattoo or in the case of this picture an icon shaved into the back of their head?

I’ve been lucky enough to work on several brands that evoked this kind of passion. When I worked on Kool-Aid at Grey Global in the late 90’s kids used to send-in pictures of Kool-Aid man shaved into the back of their heads. This was pre-Flickr so taking and sending in these pictures was more work than it is now, so it was further proof of love.

Virgin is definitely a passion brand. The logo itself is a sort of tattoo. A signature of not just quality but also of Richard  Branson’s personal passion.

And a quick search of “Apple body Tattoos” on Goole revealed over 13 million results. No doubt many of these tattoos inked recently as homage to Steve Jobs.

Can you set out to create a “tattoo brand”?

Yes and no.

For me it’s like setting out to be really, really, funny or practicing and practicing and learning to tell really good jokes.

If you  constantly work on your material, pay attention to what people laugh at, work on your timing, are not afraid to push the limits and even fall flat on your face a few times…and if you have an authentic interest in making people laugh (and some innate ability) I think eventually with hard work (and a little bit of luck) you will be considered funny.

It’s the same with creating passion brands. Tattooing can’t be an objective in itself. But if you set out to offer something that really connects with people…not just functionally, but emotionally as well. Eventually, you may see the proof in black and white (and perhaps a bit of colored ink as well).

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?

What brands would make your tattoo list?

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