Six Pixels of Separation

A few weeks ago I attended a presentation by Mitch Joel @mitchjoel in advance of his book launch for “Six Pixels of Separation”.

A few people have asked me about it, so I decided to summarize my key take-aways.

The sub-title of the book is “Everyone is Connected. Connect your Business to Everyone.”

This is not really a new message. But it’s still a relevant one.

I found Mitch to be a good presenter, engaging with a lot of interesting factoids, and a fair degree of (Canadian, I believe) humility.

Some of the things I found most interesting:

– There are now more grandparents on Facebook then high school students (according to Mitch and PC Magazine 7.6.09)

– 40% of the moms in the US are on MySpace. This is because My Space has been around long enough that these College students now have their own kids (Note: I find this one a little hard to believe that they would not have migrated off to Facebook…).

– A negative review on the web will actually convert better than a positive review because it lends an air of authenticity to the review. Mitch gave an example of looking for a basic camera to take pictures of his child. One review said something to the effect of “this is not going to help you take award winning photos, but it’s great for capturing the kids” and this sealed the deal for him.

– “Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what Google says it is”. This quote was attributed to Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired Magazine.

In addition to these interesting facts, the core message that I took away is that the days of throwing out a message in mass media are over. Hoping to catch .2% of the population that are actually in the market and/or interested in your product at that time just doesn’t make sense.

It’s better to harness the power of digital media and get smaller audiences that are 100% open and interested in what you have to say.

Here are the messages that he used as the summary of his presentation.

#1 Think in terms of audiences, not psychographics or demographics
#2 Everything is “with” and not “instead of” (e.g. there is still a place for traditional tactics, just augment it)
#3 Don’t be fleeting. Build share and grow it. Stay the course.
#4 Earn the right to get your users out of “lurker mode” (e.g. to become active, not passive)
#5 It’s attitudinal, not generational. People can share similar passions across age groups.
#6 Upload a video to You Tube. Join the conversation. Do something now!

If you want to learn more about Mitch or the book Check out Mitch’s blog

The book comes out in September.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?
How are you connecting your business to everyone?