Should Arizona Iced Tea Boycott Arizona?

In response to all the negative press about the immigration reforms in Arizona, Arizona Iced Tea has posted a statement on it’s site assuring its customers that it is not from Arizona.  In fact it’s from Brooklyn and is now head quartered in Long Island.

Interesting move.

you might call it “biting the hand that feeds you strategy”.

While I understand that Arizona is just their brand…my guess is that they chose this name for a reason.

To me it connotes a dry area, with lots of thirsty people, and gives credibility to their expertise as a refreshing drink.

Kansas City Iced Tea just doesn’t evoke the same positive and relevant imagery.

So is Arizona Iced Tea being too hasty in turning their back on Arizona.

Sure the political issues at hand are a bit sticky (and downright offensive and unconstitutional to many).

But I wonder if you can protest this move and still affirm what you love about Arizona, it’s people, it’s climate, it’s natural beauty…

Is there a potentially richer response then…”By the way we are really from Brooklyn” and sporting an American Flag.

I got to think a long sip of a refreshing drink and a moment of reflection, might yield something more compelling.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?
Is Arizona Iced Tea throwing out the baby with the bath water? Or is this a smart PR move?