Schedule a One-on-One

As part of Brand School Masterclass, you have the opportunity for One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Brand School faculty during your semester. Your sessions include:

  • 1 :60 minute session with Julie
  • 1 :60 minute session with Cheryl
  • 1 :30 minute sessions with each of the extended faculty

Scheduling: Simply click on the scheduling links beneath each faculty member’s bio. When confirming your appointment, please indicate whether you would like to meet by phone (dial in number provided) or Skype or FaceTime. If you would like to Skype or FaceTime please make sure to provide your Skype name or cell phone number in advance.

Preparation: If there are specific materials you want to review during your sessions, please please upload them here 24 hours before your scheduled time.

Upload Files

If you would like to share a file with your advisor for your One-on-One, you may upload it here.

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