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  1. I think you need to back into this question to find the answer. The end result of a consumer having a great experience is a very satisfied customer of the product. Mass satisfaction will build upon the great customer experience and propel great brand experience.

    One does not have to look too far to see that it is not always about the product. What does the brand stand for and what does the company stand for? In the age of good mojo and paying it forward, people are attracted to brands for more than just the product. It is cool to think that when I buy a Patagonia jacket, I am sponsoring a company that is passionate about their people and the environment and world around us. When I buy a Virgin phone, ticket or anything else they sell, I see a cool guy pushing the limits and advancing technology, marketing and creativeism. Perhaps I wish I could live that way or actually buy the product because I like to live vicariously through that brand because I never had the guts to do it myself.

    So, what defines a great brand experience for me? A solid product backed up with the fundamentals of great customer service backed up with like minded interests rooted in cool or altruistic causes. Or, to take “me” out of this, A brand should emulate the lifestyle of the target consumer.

  2. A great brand experience for me is when the service or product exceeds my expectations. My expectations vary on the category. In some categories, it doesn’t take much, in others it does. For instance, when it comes to airlines, I now expect flight delays, etc, so if I get from point A to point B on-time I consider it a great brand experience. But when it comes to Hotels, I have high expectations and therefore am not easily impressed.

    And in general, if a brand has “read my mind” I consider it a great experience.

  3. When I consume a product or service, and I am left believing I received more than I expected, feel completely satisfied, and am left enjoying a sense of accomplishment, then I know that was exceptional branding.

    It could be Wal-Mart, a movie, a ride in a taxi, or something more durable like a Sub-Zero refrigerator or purchasing a yacht. The higher the cost-benefit ratio, the more important. But it is exactly where the rubber meets the road, that moment of truth.

    A brand is tested thousands of times a day. Consumers and potential consumers vote with their pocket book. Great brands are elected inferior ones loose, and continue to loose.

    Branding and the management of the brand is the rasion d’tre of business.

    Branding geniuses are few and far apart. Think of Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson. And that’s it!

  4. I think its the little things that truly make a great brand experience. Something that’s not trying too hard. Just a little extra to make you feel appreciated. Something as simple as funny writting on a water bottle or hearing my favorite song as I walked into my hotel room can turn me into a brand evangelist!

    All good brands have to meet the basics, but to be great you have to anticipate what your consumer will want.

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