2 thoughts on “QuickTwist

  1. My advice to Kanye, at least, is to continue being a rebel, but be very selective with how and when you choose to express yourself.

    Speaking out against the Bush administration during Katrina, brilliant. That’s Kanye taking an important stand on the national stage and cutting through the glossy veneer of TV-land.

    The New Orleansians ravaged by Katrina needed someone to stand up for them, but Beyonce? I think she has gotten plenty of credit for her work…

  2. Everything they did was on-brand. Being aggressive, controversial, powerful and unafraid to show it. It is exactly what has fueled their respective successes in entertainment and sports. As a woman of color, I find their careers inspirational.

    However, they have to be careful because on one side of the bridge, their similar brands can be perceived as Visionary and Bold; while on the other they can be seen as Arrogant and Violent. Loyal fans will always stand by you. But, it’s the fine line of not pushing away those (fans, sponsors, etc)that are on the fence to loyalty.

    Oh, and my other bit of advice would be – you have money and connections. Hire better people around you to keep you in line (particularly applies to Kanye).

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