One thought on “QuickTwist

  1. I am not sure what Brand (of all the brands I encounter) I would miss most, but I can say that there is one brand in particular that went under within this decade that I have yet to replace as my “go-to source.”

    I was a big Today’s Man shopper– they had a well-made product, styles well-suited to my taste, a wide variety of selections to chose from, and of course, reasonable prices. Their good deals, sales & marketing of their Brand made it my “Go-to” store for almost all of my causal clothes, jackets, suits, ties, etc.

    They went under from over-expansion in the early 2000s and I have yet to find my next “Go to” store for men’s clothes.

    Men’s Wearhouse, which came in to compete and has ultimately outlasted Today’s Man, never caught my attention. Even with TM long gone, they still haven’t. I guess their branding wasn’t strong enough to bring me in…

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