3 thoughts on “QuickBite

  1. Every great brand has a crisis and the bigger the brand the greater the scrutiny. Think Tylenol. But in this case I actual do support Tiger’s silence although personally I would like to know what is really going on. My feeling is that as soon as another high profile actor hits the skids all the attention will deflect away from Tiger. So wait it out, Tiger. In 10 months this will be a non story.

  2. If there is more to the story, it’s best to make a statement that will satisfy the over-eager press on this. If there isn’t, silence is golden. Ultimately, the goal here, in my opinion, is to get the Tiger brand back on track as soon as possible – only Tiker knows if there is more to this story to continue impacting his brand.

  3. Very prescient of you to be on this between tiger’s 1st and 2nd statement! If he had come clean initially – I am still not sure he has tho – stilldenying the wifely violence – this may not have grown into such a front page, week long spectacle. Can’t imagine his behaviour is going to induce anyone to run out and buy Nike gear or Gatorade in a show of support.

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