iPad: Genius or Hype?

Unless you are living under a rock, you have no doubt seen Apple’s iPad launched yesterday.

I am in awe of the design and the user interface.¬† But as I fight off falling head over heels under the powerful Apple spell…I do have a few questions.

First, I am wondering what this is meant to replace. While it would be nice to imagine this will just grow the market, on a more practical level  I think at least for some people it will need to displace at least one of their current devices.

As my husband said, if I were to take this on the plane- what would I then leave at home?

My i-touch which allows me to watch TV and movies but also has the advantage of fitting in my purse?

My laptop which does double duty as a business tool?

My portable DVD player?

My Kindle? This seems like a pretty obvious replacement choice. But I don’t think the Kindle penetration is broad enough to really make this a viable market to go after.

I’m also wondering how you keep this clean/protected with no top.

I guess an accessories industry will quickly fill this gap- like it did with the Kindle.

I’m also not crazy about the name. Pad seems too flat and somewhat reminiscent of feminine protection. (Sorry guys, but I wonder if the women agree with me.) I had heard they almost went with i-Slate. I actually prefer that name. I love the contrast of something so primitive with a product that’s so obviously space age.

No doubt it will be a huge success…but I am still interested in your thoughts on these questions.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?

Will you be waiting in line to buy the new iPad?

8 thoughts on “iPad: Genius or Hype?

  1. At the risk of sounding like I’m a hardcore apple fan
    (I am), this product is Genius.
    iPad follows the iPod and iPhone as a product that
    redefines it’s own segment. It’s functions also helps solidify Apple’s new brand as a consumer products company and not just a computer company anymore. Brilliant.

  2. I think the design and UX are great. A little worried about the ergonomics of it. My wrists have to go up rather than down if I’m writing against a surface.

  3. Already set an alarm 60 days from yesterday to get in line and scoop one up! I skipped the iPhone because I cant type fast enough on a touch screen and was holding out buying a kindle or an iTouch for this invention. Though I’m not in love with the name I think more “legal” pad, than “maxi” pad. Ill use it to store/show photos, watch movies/tv during travel and above all of that, to read. Im always carrying around a load of books and this will replace all of those!

  4. I’m underwhelmed, but confident that it’ll be the next “big thing” for Christmas ’10. All those features are fine for folks who love their toys,I suppose, but I don’t care about that. What bothers me most are the dogged efforts of the electronics industry to rid the world of actual BOOKS (with pages that turn). It is just wretched and, by the way, devastating to the independent booksellers like us out there who are struggling enough as it is against the consumer monster amazon.com which has done everything in its power to eliminate all bookselling competition, drive the stockmarket upwards and still barely turn a profit. What’s wrong with celebrating the feel of the printed word in your hands as you move page by page through a wonderful book?! Don’t answer that…. I know the opposing argument, I just reject it!

  5. With the keyboard this could be the tool I write the next American Great Novel on.

    All I’ve ever wanted apple to make is the G4, 10inch laptop but half as thick. The iPad comes close. However, until it multi-tasks, I’ll hold off buying one. I like to type and listen to tunes at the same time. Not too much to ask.

    As to the name, yeah, a few of my female friends have smirked. I think back to when Nintendo unveiled Project Revolution as, “Wii” – the infantile name for urine in the UK. Eventually,it will normalize.

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