How to Keep Your Brand Fresh: Tips With a Twist


We really get a lot of great brand and business-building information listening to Christine Monaghan’s radio program, “Entrepreneur Conversations”. Her program features interviews with generous and helpful experts about resources designed to spark, inspire and motivate your inner strength to help you grow a thriving business.

Here is Christine’s lively chat with BrandTwist Founder & CEO, Founder of Brand School, and former VP of Brand for Virgin Julie Cottineau on business and branding – and how to keep your brand fresh and more profitable.

Listen to the interview below – and then for additional inspiration head on over to Christine’s blog, “Daily Life Mastery”, and catch more takeaways in Julie’s guest blog post: “Basics in Business: ABCs of Branding”.

You can listen to  another conversation with Julie and Christine on business and branding HERE.



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