Bad Brand Neighbors?


I saw this sign up in Boston this weekend.

These two shops share a small stand alone store and all the signage is double billed.

I wonder which shop you go into first.

The bridal shop to see how much marriage (or at least the dress) is going to cost you.

Or is the first stop the accountants at H&R Block to determine how big a tax break you’ll be getting as a couple…

Or, more cynically, whether your intended has the earning power to make this marriage a good investment.

Either way, I thought it was a strange juxtaposition.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?
Does it matter what some brands appear next to?

3 thoughts on “Bad Brand Neighbors?

  1. Not to mention how awful the bridal sign itself is… where is the romance? the H&R block portion looks more friendly.

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