Find Your Inspirational “Happy Place”

We all have a “Happy Place”.

I’m not talking about a location we just enjoy.

But a place where we really feel at home, and connected to our “true” selves.

A place where we are able to think clearly, remember what’s important to us, and get back in touch with what we really want and believe.

Mine is a house on a lake in Western Massachusetts that belongs to very close family friends.

Many of my happiest childhood memories involve family outings to this place.

I was lucky enough to spend some time there this past weekend.

Up early before anyone else on Saturday morning I sat looking over the still lake, and I felt rested in a way that I haven’t in a long time.

I didn’t realize how much I had been missing and needing this place, until I was back there.

While I am lucky enough to get back to this lake once a summer… I was thinking how can I harness the energy of this place when I need it on a more regular basis?

I started to think about other places where I felt this kind of peace that, for me, often leads to a renewal of creative energy.

I realized there were a few other more local places that gave me a similar feeling:

– the second floor of my local library overlooking the Hudson river
– the quiet car of the Amtrak Acela train along the coast to Boston
– the sanctuary of my synagogue

These places seem to be quite different from one another on the surface.

But when I thought about it they have a lot in common.

Many involve a view of water, all are relatively quiet, all involve reflection and an ability to be with other people but also be alone with my own thoughts at the same time.

By identifying these similarities and realizing I had more options than a scenic (but somewhat impractical) 3 and a half hour trip to Western Massachusetts, I immediately felt better.

The renewal I need to keep the creative juices flowing is here and accessible.

It’s just up to me to make the time and conscious effort to visit my local “Happy Places” more often.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?
Where’s your “Happy Place”?