Cupcakes Hit the Streets

IMG00018This truck is parked permanently in Soho on Broadway.

Eye catching and mouthwatering, but I just can’t seem to go for a cupcake in this heat. To me it’s more of a winter time treat.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?
Are cupcakes the new version of the NYC street hot dog?



3 thoughts on “Cupcakes Hit the Streets

  1. Frosted cupcakes on a hot, steamy, sunny Manhattan summer day?! Brings me back to Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy (Anchorman) downing (and rather sloppily, I might add) a tall glass of milk in hot, sunny San Diego. Not exactly a thirst-quencher.

    Somehow, street-side cupcakes just doesn’t feel right to me. I could be wrong, but that is not quite whetting my appetite the same as a dirty water dog & a soda; or a hot, salty pretzel with a soda.

  2. It’s always perplexed me – Americans obsession with cup cakes. We have cup cakes in Europe, they’ll be rolled out at a birthday party for kids along with Jelly and Ice Cream. No biggie.

    Here, they turn up in fancy boxes at any given celebration and always to squeals of delight (and that’s just the men). People loose their minds over cup cakes.

    There’s a cup cake booth on Spring/Broadway that always has a massive line.

    You’re a strange, strange people, but I love you 🙂

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