Black and Blue Branding

This summer I got to spend a lot of time doing my two favorite activities: 1) hanging out with my kids and 2) taking long walks with them.

This  led to a lot of games of punch buggy and unfortunately…a lot of bruises.

Anyone who thinks a 9 year old can’t hit that hard, hasn’t met my son.

I’m sure you all know the rules, but if you want a refresher, here’s a useful link.

Despite the discomfort of the over energetic punches, I can’t help to continue at marvelling at the sheer  brilliance (perhaps dumb luck?) of this phenomenon.

Is Domino’s the “New Coke”?

Many of you probably remember the Domino’s fiasco of last April when two employees made a rogue video pretending to put disgusting things in the pizza.

The employees were fired, the video was removed from You Tube and the company issued a statement reassuring people on the quality of their food (and their employees).

If you missed the incident, it’s summarized in this video from the Today Show.

Well, a quick 8 months later, Domino’s is creating it’s own viral campaign with this video called “The Pizza Turnaround”.

My question is whether this effort is an effective authentic response, or whether it goes too far in it’s apologetic tone.