Virgin awareness in the US increased by 14% during Julie’s tenure as VP Brand for Virgin USA. Julie oversaw brand strategy for new Virgin companies as well as provided strategic brand support for established Virgin businesses such as Virgin America, Atlantic, and Mobile. She helped launch Virgin Hotels, Virgin Money, Virgin Wines, and Virgin Produced. She also provided group level brand guidance on social media, marketing, and consumer trends. She created many proprietary Brand tools including:  the Virgin Brand Launch Playbook, the Virgin Brand Pillar Framework, the Opportunity Evaluator, and the Virgin Target Profiler.

Brand Tango

During her time as head of Innovation and Insights at Interbrand, Julie created the Brand Tango process which leverages out of category best practices to break through in competitive markets. It has been successfully applied to create fresh ideas for clients such as Avon, TDAmeritrade, McDonald’s, and Intel among many others. Brand Tango was the recipient of the 2005 Interbrand Global Intellectual Property Award.


A travel portal created by five leading airlines, the product needed to be seen as easy to use while offering the most comprehensive flight choices online. That was the challenge for Julie and her Verbal Identity team at Interbrand. After development and research, was chosen. Memorable, with a distinctive Z, offering a galaxy of choice, it was the perfect name for the next generation. Upon launch in June 2001 over 3.7 million unique visitors went to  By July they had over 1 million users and sales of over $100 million. In 2004 Cendant purchased Orbitz for $1.25 billion.

Subaru Tribeca

Subaru came to Interbrand with the challenge of naming it’s first luxury SUV, quite a departure from it’s well known, no-nonsense sedans. Interbrand Verbal Identity, under Julie’s leadership applied a powerful naming methodology to create the winning name Subaru Tribeca which taps into the elegant and authentic imagery of this trendy NY neighborhood. The Subaru Tribeca received positive feedback from consumers and trade press and was the top safety pick of 2011 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Stoli Elit Vodka

Leading mass-market vodka brand Stolichnaya wanted to compete in the highly competitive and image-driven, ultra-premium market.  Julie and the Interbrand Consumer Branding team came together and created the breakthrough Elit brand. The brand positioning, played up the dichotomous nature of Russian culture with a sleek frosty exterior and a fiery passion burning below the surface. This was mirrored in the smooth delivery of the drink which finishes with a pleasing warmth. The Elit brand hit shelves and within two months of Elit’s launch, production supply sold out. The brand’s high-class appeal continues to push this super-premium vodka to new heights.