The Power of Tween Influencers

My 12 year old daughter came home a few days ago from school with a very important topic she wanted to discuss….

Friends? Boys? Teachers who gave too much homework?

Guess again.

Organ donation.

In turns out a local couple representing an organization called Donate Life had come to speak to her 7th grade class.

And they had made quite an impression on her, and by proxy on me.

Usually it’s hard to get a few sentences out of her at dinner. This night was different.

Brands and Giving

A few weeks back I wrote a post What Your Holiday Card Says About Your Brand.

In response to that, a BrandTwist reader sent in this interesting holiday giving example from Mother in the UK. Mother offered to share $10,000 (the cost they would have spent on holidays gifts) with any individuals who would respond to an email giving their name and bank details. Only one brave soul took the challenge, and won big time.

Make sure you watch through to the end for the big pay-off.