Fail Harder

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If you take nothing else, from this blog series, please start to change your attitude toward failure. Most of us are terrified of failing at anything, much less our careers and the things we’re most passionate about, but you need to learn to start embracing it. Why? When you’re failing, you’re acting and also learning from whatever you do that doesn’t work. One of the most important lessons I learned at Virgin was from the disastrous launch of Virgin Cola. Richard Branson and others often talk it about the launch within the company as an important learning moment. It showed the Virgin team a valuable lesson: that the brand should focus on experiences and not products, because there is so much more opportunity in an experience to shake things up and delight the consumer. This was an important learning touchpoint, and ultimately saved Virgin millions of company dollars, moving forward.

Bottom line: a failure, especially a big failure, can be more than worth the money lost as long as you take stock of what drove the failure and apply that learning for a stronger brand moving forward. Read more about the power of failure here.

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Beware of Religious Fanatics and Clever Marketing


This pamphlet gives further support to Marshall McLuhan‘s statement that “the medium is the message”.

While I in no way support the Jews for Jesus organization that publishes and circulates this pamphlet, I do have to (begrudgingly) tip my hat to their marketing prowess.

To get a pamphlet that reads “Beware of Religious Fanatics Handling Out Pamphlets” from a group that many consider fanatical and that is indeed handing out pamphlets…well pretty clever way to address the issue head on.

It certainly made me pick up and read the pamphlet.

While my views on their beliefs have not changed after reading the piece…I have to give credit where credit is due.

I would love to see more brands turn their perceived weakness into a point of engagement and to make more clever use of traditional mediums.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?

How have you seen brands use the “medium as the message” in new and interesing ways?

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Are You a Hybrid Mom?

hybridfallbigWhat is a Hybrid Mom?

Hybrid Mom is a magazine I learned about at last week’s Women’s Conference.

How do you know if this magazine is for you?

Well according to their website, you are a Hybrid mom…

If you have ever:

– Owned a purse that functions as a diaper bag, laptop case, tote and/or contains both a cell phone and some stray Cheerios

– Prayed that your mute button is not broken while on a conference call

– Had a great idea for a business, but no clue what to do with it

– Worked from a local coffeehouse to have more peace and quiet then at the home office

– Had to make the choice between a big meeting and a little league game

– Thought “balance” is overrated, yet strived for some form of it each day

I think the concept is interesting. I personally answered “yes” to all of the above.

The summer issue is available for free in a digital version on the website.