A Great Brand is a Story Well Told


One Woman Wines.

I knew there was something different and special about this brand the moment I saw the sign from the Highway.

I was biking around North Fork Long Island visiting wineries with my husband last weekend. The wines were very good, but after a few tastings the brands began to blur and blend together.

Not this one.

As soon as we approached the sign for One Woman Wines on the edge of the highway I was intrigued.

A short ride later down a gravel road to a charming red tasting house. My suspicions were confirmed.

Here was a brand with a great, and authentic story.

Top 5 Freedom Brands

It’s Independence Day. Time to salute our founding fathers and mothers and take a moment to celebrate the birth of our great country…and of course consume way too many hot dogs and too much coleslaw and beer.

But while enjoying these important festivities, I think there is something else we should salute.


Not just Brands in general, but Brands that give us freedom. Products and services that allow us to do more, roam freely and achieve a certain level of independence and control over our lives.

Here are  my top 5 “Freedom Brands”, I’d love to hear yours.

(Cue the fireworks please)…

#1 Blackberry

#2 TiVo

#3 Google

#4 Kindle

Black and Blue Branding

This summer I got to spend a lot of time doing my two favorite activities: 1) hanging out with my kids and 2) taking long walks with them.

This  led to a lot of games of punch buggy and unfortunately…a lot of bruises.

Anyone who thinks a 9 year old can’t hit that hard, hasn’t met my son.

I’m sure you all know the rules, but if you want a refresher, here’s a useful link.

Despite the discomfort of the over energetic punches, I can’t help to continue at marvelling at the sheer  brilliance (perhaps dumb luck?) of this phenomenon.

The Pet Rock and other Favorite 70’s Brands

Today is my birthday.

Rather than focus on the fact that I am another year older, and freaking out about the passage of time etc. – I’ve decided to focus on the brands of my youth- some of which I miss.

As a child growing up in the 70’s, I remember a lot of iconic brands- many of which are no longer with us.

Check out Retroland.com and search under the 70’s in case you miss some of them too.

I have distinct images of myself in front of the bathroom mirror singing into my hair brush or accepting my academy award (thanking my mother of course).

I probably also thanked product sponsors and gave them a shout out for for making me look so beautiful and glamorous.

Top on my list were:

“Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” Shampoo (the best name ever)

Herbal Essences (who could forget that green bottle and distinct smell?)