The THINX Revolutionary Twist on Women’s Underwear


Miki Agrawal not only wants to change how the world thinks about women’s periods, but she wants to liberate women from the constraints of that “time of month”– and she’s doing it one panty at a time.

Ms. Agrawal is CEO and co-founder of THINX, women’s underwear that also doubles as feminine pads.

THINX panties took the practical need for protection (Stayfree pads) and TWISTED it with the sensual way every woman loves to feel (Victoria’s Secret) and created THINX – stylish, comfortable underwear that offers an added layer of protection so women can do more, worry less and feel better about themselves.

One simple TWIST can make a big impact. For every panty sold, one is donated to a women in developing countries to help her live a more productive life without the stigma and encumbrance of lack of supplies.

And by taking something that is a universal need but has traditionally been taboo and addressing it in the open, THINX has become more than a practical product – they symbolize female empowerment and freedom.

What are your customers thinking about – but no one is addressing head on? Let them know you understand and want to help. Your customers will show their appreciationby becoming strong brand advocates.

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A TWIST For The Perfect Fit


With the onslaught of cheap, disposable clothing in the U.S. and busy, demanding lifestyles fewer and fewer people are investing time or money in custom tailoring their wardrobes. Finding the perfect fit seems to be a thing of the past, making it especially difficult for tailors to stay afloat.  Until now…

Take UBER, TWIST it with a tailor, and you get zTAILORS.

ZTAILORS is the first and only online platform that connects tailors with potential customers.  Like UBER, a customer uses an app to call for a tailor to visit anywhere they prefer, at home, at the office, or even a Starbucks.

zTAILORS innovated to serve the needs of both the tailor and the customer. Tailors now have the ability to better serve their local community and the flexibility to choose their own hours. From hemming skirts to tapering jackets, customers now have the easy access to get the perfect fit from a professional tailor when and where it’s convenient for them.

It’s never been easier to have that favorite gown or suit – you know the one, it’s been sitting in the back of your closet waiting to be altered – ready in time to wear at your next special event.

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What twist can you use to make it easier to deliver more of what your customer needs?

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A Better Bottle With a Twist


Toting water on the go is a standard part of today’s healthy lifestyle. But we often have to compromise on taste when choosing an easy-to-carry solution. Reusable stainless steel bottles can leave a metallic taste and often get dented. Refillable plastic sports bottles – even BPA-free bottles – aren’t the right choice for everyone – they often retain odor and flavors, even after washings.

Real glasses and mason jars are often the preference of taste purists, however we can’t use these on the go because glass is too easily shattered and dangerous.

But… what if you took a mason jar and TWISTED it with a plastic sports bottle? You have GLASStic. A sports bottle that essentially is a glass bottle inserted within a BPA-free plastic bottle. If the glass should break, it stays contained within the plastic bottle – which means it’s safe to use in public places. You can replace the glass insert for just the cost of shipping – and it has a lockable lid for extra safety.

There’s always room for innovation even in a crowded market. Take a good look at your competition and see what’s missing. Are there still compromises that no one has solved?

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Finding the Path to Products That Twist


Every entrepreneur has their “Ah ha!” moment when they realize what they want to create – and often it is not what they would ever have anticipated doing.

London-based Emma Ware went from being a TV camera assistant to being a high-end jewelry designer and craftsperson – almost in an instant. Her “Ah ha!” moment was completely unexpected. Emma talks about her inspirational moment – when the idea first came to her to create jewelry from bike tires, “I had the idea to make jewelry from bike tire inner tubes when my friend had a puncture. I thought, that looks nice, and started playing with it. That was a light-bulb moment.”

Since that moment Emma Ware’s unique pieces have received considerable magazine and press coverage throughout the high-end fashion world.

Innovation can be inspired by unexpected moments and unconventional resources. What would happen if you took your product and twisted it with an out-of-category medium, material or even a location?

Take your business where it’s never been before. Brand School gives entrepreneurs, artists and nonprofits the tools to build brand and reach new destinations.

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A Cool Drink with a Warm Twist


Identify a problem; TWIST up an innovative solution. Any tailgating fan has faced the dilemma of needing to keep their hands warm while holding on to their favorite beverage – and keeping it cold at the same time.

SUZY KUZY has come up with a simple solution to that pesky problem by TWISTING two ideas together: an insulating drink jacket + a cozy warm mitten = Knit Beer Mitts. And according to the dozens of testimonials on their site, people love them.

“Super awesome! Hands warm, beer cold.”

Sometimes the most obvious solution is right in front of us, but the trick is to go beyond the idea stage to actual implementation. Don’t just say “someone should find a way to make a better mousetrap” – build the trap and become the big cheese.

What idea have you been kicking around that needs to get out of your head and into the market?

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