Carve out Time for Creativity

I admit Halloween has gotten too crazed and too commercial.

All the candy fueled hoopla and rush to find the perfect costume often gives me a “whopper” of a headache.

But if you can manage past all that, there’s also a positive side.

Halloween is a terrific time for kids (of all ages) to tap into our creativity and get inspired by all the magical, mystical things around us.

Case in point: The Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze at Van Cortlandt Manor in Croton on Hudson, Westchester.

(Under an hour from Manhattan by train).

How to Run a More Successful Creative Review

Often, I find it hard to comment on other people’s creative work.

Right away I want to fix it or re-direct it.

(Disastrous) case in point:

My seventh grader proudly showed me a PowerPoint presentation she had been working on with a friend for French Class.

The assignment was to choose from a list of French stories and retell it to the class. My daughter picked Cendrillon (the French version of Cinderella) from a list her teacher provided.

In retrospect, I think what she was looking for in showing me the report was a simple “cool” or “good job”.

Here’s what she got instead:

(oh my)

A questioning of the brief. She was clearly following the teacher’s directions, but I was having trouble understanding why she was allowed to pick this story in the first place.