Womancon: Get Inspired, Grow Your business

For more tips on business and branding and to learn more about WomanCon, check out my guest blog post for the womancon blog, Brand: An Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon. 

You can also read an insightful summary of the event with takeaways in this post by Shannon Ramlochan in the Beyond PR blog: “8 Simple Rules for Succeeding as an Entrepreneur.”


WomanCon – women entrepreneurs conference  NYC, September 25, 2013.

Get inspired. Grow your business. Connect with awesome women entrepreneurs.

I’m excited to share my “5 Strategies for a Stronger Brand” at the upcoming WomanCon conference. This will not be your average lunch-time key note. You will get some delicious food, but then we are going to roll up our sleeves and work together on tackling some of your toughest brand challenges. You will walk away with (a full stomach) and some tangible tools to get build the brand your business deserves.

This conference brings together some amazing women entrepreneurs – both on and off the stage.

We will hear the REAL behind-the-scenes stories from female founders who have achieved incredible success while juggling multiple roles, families, and everything in between.

Read below on how to win your free ticket

Expert keynotes and panel discussions include angel investors, venture capitalists, startup experts, journalists, PR, branding and more.

Part inspiration and part practical advice, come to WomanCon and get insight you can use for your own success and connect with other amazing women entrepreneurs.

Brand: An Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

For more tips on business and branding and learn more about WomanCon, check out my guest blog post for the womancon blog, “Brand: An Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon HERE. 

If you have any specific brand questions you’d like addressed at the conference, please email me at Julie@BrandTwist.com. 

I’ve also got one free pass to give away to the conference. If you are interested, go to our BrandTwist Facebook page and under the WomanCon picture, tell us the biggest challenge you face as an entrepreneur. We will be choosing one winner from all the entries.

See you on the 25th!


Quit Your Job and Make Your Old Company Your First New Client

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brian F. Martin, host of  Brand Connections Brand Fast-Trackers.

We talked about what makes a successful brand and many of the core tenets I learned from my 22+ years in branding, particularly my time working as VP of Brand for Virgin.

A few highlights that I expand on in the podcast:

  • A clear core promise is essential
  • Your brand is the product/experience you’re offering and must deliver on its promise
  • You need to embrace and learn from failure
  • Know your brand framework and stay true to who you are

We also talked about what it takes to leave your job and make the big leap from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. You may be surprised by what I said. Most people think they need to hide their aspirations of starting their own company from their boss until they are ready to hand in their resignation. My experience at Virgin was the exact opposite. I made my intentions clear months before I left Virgin and was able to walk out the door with my boss’ blessing and Virgin as one of my first clients for my new company BrandTwist.

You can read Kat Krieger’s summary of the interview and listen to or download the podcast at the Brand Connections website HERE.

“You Know Everybody! A Career Girl’s Guide to Building a Network That Works.”

I’m thrilled to be featured in Marcy Twete’s new book, You Know Everybody! A Career Girl’s Guide to Building a Network That Works. Each week this summer the Career Girl Network is featuring one chapter highlighting one of the interviewees from the book. You can check out an excerpt from the chapter with my interview, “Julie’s ‘Best of the Best’ in Networking Advice,” order the book, and learn more about the Career Girl Network and how they are engaging women nationally in mentoring, networking, and relationship building to advance their careers HERE.

“Results came amazingly quick. Now, my brand name speaks my message immediately and I’ve expanded my reach.”  – Lynn Stull, Owner Arts2Thrive

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Branding: An Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon, smallbizdaily

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed about entrepreneurship and business branding by author, columnist and online talk show host Jane Applegate for her column in smallbizdaily, “The Applegate Report.”

smallbizdaily is an online publication dedicated to Ideas, Insights. Information and Inspiration for Entrepreneurs.

Among the questions Jane asked were:

  • How do you define “brand”? Isn’t it just a company logo?
  • What is the biggest mistake business owners make when it comes to branding?
  • What advice do you have for entrepreneurs just starting a business?

That’s just for starters.

You can check out smallbizdaily and read the entire interview HERE.

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“I highly recommend this class to anybody, to both those who have been in business for a long time, and those just starting out because it will put your business on a different level.” – Dr. Marina Kostina, Distance Learning Specialist, CEO of wired@heart


Advertising Week 2009- Sept 21-25

Advertising week #adwk 2009 is off to a strong start.

I saw some interesting speakers today.

Jezz Frampton, CEO of Interbrand introduced a panel moderated by Business Week on the Best Global Brands-“building brand credibility and building trust in a recession”.

It featured heads of marketing  from Cisco, Microsoft, Audi and KFC.

Some interesting tidbits:

Audi CMO said that “optimism” was the biggest challenge today in the car industry

KFC CMO stressed how happy they were that they had launched grilled chicken despite the recession. It wasn’t planned this way, but it was too late to cancel the launch and it actually made a big splash and surpassed expectations. Perhaps consumers were looking for something new, healthier, and cheap in these challenging times.