The Power of Tween Influencers

My 12 year old daughter came home a few days ago from school with a very important topic she wanted to discuss….

Friends? Boys? Teachers who gave too much homework?

Guess again.

Organ donation.

In turns out a local couple representing an organization called Donate Life had come to speak to her 7th grade class.

And they had made quite an impression on her, and by proxy on me.

Usually it’s hard to get a few sentences out of her at dinner. This night was different.

Text, Talk, Email…What to do When?

Recently a BrandTwist reader sent me this interesting article from Ad Age on how Texting Trumps Talking in the US.

Apparently people of all age groups love to text, but are opposed to receiving advertising messages this way. Texting is still seen as an intimate, friendly communication and getting impersonal messages from an advertiser seems like an improper use of this channel. I guess I buy that. It may be, as some in the article suggest, that the advertisers need to find a way to make the offer more of a dialogue and less of a “pushed” out message.

Nevertheless, it got me to thinking about all the choices we have to communicate these days and how confusing it can all be.

For example, let’s say I want to get in touch with a friend, not just to say hi, but if  I actually need a response, like “are we still on for lunch tomorrow?”.

Do I email, call or text?

If I call, do I call their cell or their office number?

Your Business Card is Crap

As part of my New Year’s clean-up I went through piles of business cards, chucked those I didn’t think I’d ever need and filed the rest (semi) alphabetically in a big black binder.

The problem was a lot of them didn’t fit in the neat plastic folders that I’d bought at Staples.

Some were too big, others weird shapes and sizes. Others did fit, but when I tried to figure out where to file them it was so difficult to find the actual name. The cards were so cleverly designed that the basic information was getting lost.

It got me to thinking about what makes a good business card. I mentioned this to a BrandTwist reader and they sent me this video.