A Great Brand is a Story Well Told


One Woman Wines.

I knew there was something different and special about this brand the moment I saw the sign from the Highway.

I was biking around North Fork Long Island visiting wineries with my husband last weekend. The wines were very good, but after a few tastings the brands began to blur and blend together.

Not this one.

As soon as we approached the sign for One Woman Wines on the edge of the highway I was intrigued.

A short ride later down a gravel road to a charming red tasting house. My suspicions were confirmed.

Here was a brand with a great, and authentic story.

Are You a Hybrid Mom?

hybridfallbigWhat is a Hybrid Mom?

Hybrid Mom is a magazine I learned about at last week’s Women’s Conference.

How do you know if this magazine is for you?

Well according to their website, you are a Hybrid mom…

If you have ever:

– Owned a purse that functions as a diaper bag, laptop case, tote and/or contains both a cell phone and some stray Cheerios

– Prayed that your mute button is not broken while on a conference call

– Had a great idea for a business, but no clue what to do with it

– Worked from a local coffeehouse to have more peace and quiet then at the home office

– Had to make the choice between a big meeting and a little league game

– Thought “balance” is overrated, yet strived for some form of it each day

I think the concept is interesting. I personally answered “yes” to all of the above.

The summer issue is available for free in a digital version on the website.

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans

I had a recent request from a reader to write a piece on these.

(I love requests BTW).

Have you seen this brand?

They are actually called Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.

The ads are up all over Manhattan.

They are presumably aimed at middle aged moms with teenage daughters.

They offer style (sort of) with a special tummy tuck panel.

In the spirit of full disclosure I actually own a pair… well two pairs.

I bought them in a non Jenny Craig moment when no other jeans seemed to fit.

And they do live up to their promise.

They are super comfortable and (passably) stylish.

But I’m guessing the reader who posed this question didn’t want a peek into my closet.

They’re interested in discussing this branding approach of “not”.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the “not your father’s Oldsmobile” campaign of a few year’s back.

But obviously there are a few differences.

Nook vs. Kindle: What’s in a Name?


First there was the Kindle e-book from Amazon.

Last week Barnes and Noble launched their own version, the Nook.

It’s billed as “The World’s Most Advanced eBook”.

A quick look through the Nook’s website does show some nifty features.

The demo video is well done and worth watching.

There’s a color coded control panel with screen slide browsing (like the iphone), the ability to change text size while you are reading, customizable screen savers, and you can lend ebooks to friends (presumably who also have Nooks).

It looks like an interesting product.

Definitely a few feature improvements on the Kindle.

By the way it’s not yet for sale but you can “pre-book your Nook”.

The product looks cool, but what really interests me is the Brand.

What are the relative strengths of these brand names? Nook vs. Kindle?

I must admit when I first heard the Kindle name I was immediately intrigued.

It seemed to be related to reading but in a way that was no flat footed or literal.

It made me think a bit.

“Kindle like kindling in a fire by which you curl up and read?”

“Kindle like the intellectual and creative sparks that are kindled by books?”

To Amazon’s credit, they don’t force either of these interpretations on you.

I also liked the two syllables, the softness of it.

Nook on the other hand…