How to Lose a Pitch in 5 Minutes or Less

Pitching is like blind dating.

Within the first five minutes (or less) the person seated across from you has sized you up and made one of three decisions:

#1. Lightning bolt, jack pot, soul mate alert

Note: This is very rare except in beer commercials and Meg Ryan movies.

#2. I see potential, let’s keep talking and maybe meet again

#3. Total turn off… “Waiter, check please!”

How can you avoid being in the all too common, but completely undesirable third category?

Some tips for making it past the “blind date” test:

Engage in some foreplay

Ideally this first meeting should not be your first contact. Try for a short pre-meeting or phone call at the very least before you show up in your Saturday night best.

Think about dating.

Would you ever launch right into  “let’s meet for dinner” before at least having a quick IM, email exchange, or perhaps phone conversation?