Super Bowl Ad Round-up- My Top 5

Great game! Ads…well not so much. There were definitely some good ones in there but overall I found the lot pretty uninspiring.

I guess it just goes to prove, once again, that there is no direct relationship between money spent and creativity.

Here are my top 5 picks.

#1 Snickers– I found the use of Betty White and Abe Vigoda to be totally inspired. And what I liked as well was that this gag was not gratuitous. It highlighted the product’s energy benefit.

#2 Google– A beautiful story with the Google service as hero. My only one question mark here is whether it appealed to more casual watchers of the ads. You kind of had to really pay attention to follow the romantic story line. But very simple, elegant and Applesque.

#3 Doritos– “Don’t Touch My Mama”. Long after this one had passed the 8-10 year old boys in the room were still quoting this. My son even said the line to me first thing this morning. While some people might question the violence (slap) and use of a fresh kid, from my perspective it totally connected with the target audience. And again the product was somewhat the hero (at least as worth protecting as the mom!). The Doritos Tim ad was also quite inspired.

It’s Getting Blurry Out There

In this new era of fluid collaboration and two way conversations enabled by social media  the lines between sponsors and content have become increasingly blurred.

I know this. And for the most part I embrace it.

I believe that brands need to find new and non-traditional ways to connect with their consumers by bringing them relevant content and facilitating conversations.

But last week two same day articles in the NY Times made me think maybe things are getting a bit too blurry.

The first article was on  Weatherproof’s use of President Obama as an implied spokesperson.

The second was Glaxo Smith Kline’s proposed funding of a new movie on Americans and Eating in collaboration with the Creative Coalition. As you may know, GSK is the maker of the popular weight loss drug Alli.

Is Domino’s the “New Coke”?

Many of you probably remember the Domino’s fiasco of last April when two employees made a rogue video pretending to put disgusting things in the pizza.

The employees were fired, the video was removed from You Tube and the company issued a statement reassuring people on the quality of their food (and their employees).

If you missed the incident, it’s summarized in this video from the Today Show.

Well, a quick 8 months later, Domino’s is creating it’s own viral campaign with this video called “The Pizza Turnaround”.

My question is whether this effort is an effective authentic response, or whether it goes too far in it’s apologetic tone.

KFC: There’s No Such Thing as Local Ads

Check out this KFC spot from Australia.

It was supposed to be a local spot playing off of the cricket rivalry between the West Indies and Australia.

But it’s gotten a lot of flack from viewer’s in the US who got wind of it over the Internet.

A white spectator finds himself in an all black crowd and smooths over what he calls an “awkward situation” with a bucket of fried chicken.