Brand Audience Evaluation by BrandTwist

A great brand is a story well told.

But do you know who you are telling your story to?

Most brands target everybody and end up connecting with nobody. WHO is your B.A.E – your ideal target that you want to attract Before Anyone Else?

So many businesses and entrepreneurs target everyone. They tell us they don’t want to alienate anyone or turn any potential clients away. The problem is, everyone is not your customer.

Take the $199 Brand Audience Evaluation

You need to focus on the most important audience in order to grow your business. The audience that needs what you have to offer and will become passionate Brand Ambassadors -bringing their friends and colleagues on board as well.

You need to find your B.A.E.

Your Brand Audience Evaluation will help you evaluate your targeting strategy with:

  • Mission critical targeting questions you need to answer to grow your business
  • A 30-minute B.A.E. strategy call with Brand School Faculty to evaluate your targeting strategy and begin to TWIST
  • A one-page B.A.E. plan to help you TWIST and move forward