Back to the Future

The current recession has cast a trance of pervasive doom and gloom – making it hard for even the most inspired among us to come up with new ideas.

Well, don’t let the recession get you down. Just skip it. Press the fast forward button to a time in the future and create (don’t wait) for a brighter tomorrow.

Here’s a specific technique called “message from the future”. It was inspired by a birthday party game my daughter and I created. In this game your future self (e.g. brand) sends you a message from the future.

Something like “Hi, It’s me, you’ll never guess what I’m up to these days. My straight A’ s in social studies really paid off. I was just sworn in as the first female president. Boy, is the White House cool! I just re-decorated the Oval Office in zebra stripes and hot pink.”

In the brand version of this game, send yourself a message (multiple messages) from the future.

Be outrageous. Take some unexpected twists and turns. Get a group of open minded people in a room together. Write one message per piece of paper. Place them in a hat. Then take turns reading them. Encourage open thinking. Then take your top 3 and sit down to write an action plan about how you could get there.

Embrace a bright brand future, this recession is a blip on the radar. It too shall pass.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?

What’s in your brand’s future?