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Announcing: Brand School Summer Session


Looking forward to summer? As you plan your fun in the sun, make sure to make some plans for your Brand too. Take advantage of the longer days of summer to re-energize your business with Brand School Summer Session.

This is a streamlined version of Brand School Master Class where you get the best of the core principles in less time so you can hit the ground running in the fall for better business  results.

Attract more profitable and loyal customers, tighten your brand story, create a more professional and distinctive brand… and more!

Brand School Summer Session includes:

  •  7 mission-critical Brand lessons over eight weeks.
  •  Videos that you can watch anytime/anywhere (poolside if you like!).
  •  Interactive exercises to directly apply these lessons to your brand.
  •  Access to an intimate, online community of motivated entrepreneurs.
  •  Live weekly office hours via easy-to-access teleconference.
  •  Two 1-on-1 sessions with an experienced BrandTwist coach.

Brand School Summer Session takes place over a concentrated 8 weeks, (Classes run from June 9th through July 24th with no class week of 6/30 for 4th of July holiday) giving you the best of the Master Class Curriculum to put into action right away. 

We are now accepting applications.

Space is limited so don’t wait; apply for your Free Brand Health Check today (all Brand School students must be pre-qualified through a Health Check). See if you qualify, HERE.

Blended Learning Model – Maximum Flexibility

Brand School Summer Session is designed to offer maximum flexibility for the busy entrepreneur. Each week you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the video and exercise for that week’s assignment. It is password protected to create a private, confidential environment for Brand School Students.

You also receive a weekly, live office hour session, plus you are entitled to two 30-minute, one-on-one phone or Skype sessions with a Brand School coach.

See if you qualify, today! 

A New Twist to Solve the Old Problem of Wet, Ruined Shoes

Solving a personal problem can lead to powerful innovation. Tired of winter snow and slush ruining your boots?  Cassandra Droogan, Founder & President, PYSIS Inc took her inspiration from her father’s galoshes and created an exciting new product with a TWIST. Read her guest post here, below – it might inspire you to pursue that idea you’ve been musing about. And make sure you see her special March & April offer for BrandTwist readers.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 4.37.36 PM

It’s important to focus on branding from the moment a product or business concept is conceived.  But, I think that most often the final (& ever-evolving) DNA of a brand grows and takes shape as the business grows.  So, when I recently met Julie Cottineau and was introduced to her strategy of brand twisting, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  A great time to TWIST my brand just as we’re making our big “splash” in the market!

I began designing PYSIS (pronounced Pisces) – a new style of overboots (rain boots worn OVER shoes) to protect women’s high heeled shoes from rain, slush and snow – years ago.  I was inspired by my dear old Dad’s rubber galoshes that he wore over his dress shoes when I was a kid.  It always frustrated me that there wasn’t a similar solution for women’s high heeled shoes – something that we could wear over our wedges and pumps to protect them from the elements.  I wanted my favorite shoes to last and I wanted to wear them when I wanted – whatever the weather.

So, I set out to create a solution: A TWIST on the men’s rubber galoshes of yesteryear.  PYSIS needed to function for heels and wedges, as well as match a woman’s sense of style. This ultimately took the shape of an overboot with a patent exterior – inspiring the style name: “Posh Galosh” – and an elastic closure so it could open wide enough to fit a shoe inside and then contour to the wearer’s leg and hold the shoe securely in place.

Given that my background was in the corporate banking industry (following six years as a lifeguard, where I also prayed for rain on a daily basis!), this development process took some time.  So, my branding journey began while designing a prototype made in NYC’s garment district in 2008, and has evolved as design improvements were made, production was secured, costing was finalized and the product finally hit the market on www.PYSIS.com.  And now Amazon and Shoebuy.com as well.

I’d spoken to many women over the years about my overboots.  Some loved that they’d be able to wear their favorite shoes in bad weather (or the threat thereof!), some hated ruining a new pair of shoes each season and very often I heard excitement over eliminating the need to carry an extra pair of shoes and search for storage for heavy, clunky rain boots.  I would chat, demo the latest prototype, explain the latest challenge… and listen to each person’s reaction and what resonated with her.

But, there really is nothing like actual customer feedback to provide direction for a brand.  With the original “Posh Galosh” style now out there saving women’s shoes, PYSIS can TWIST its way through April showers and on to great things to come!  Our March and April Special Offer (www.pysis.com/SpecialOffer) encourages fans to share PYSIS with their Facebook friends and the first comment we received included a customer exclaiming how excited she is for a busy spring and to no longer have to worry about “the dash from car to party in April”.  We’re so looking forward to hearing more of our customers’ feedback and stories!

There is so much potential for this product and brand and I’m looking forward to continuing the evolution.  Now with Julie’s brilliant guidance, the prospect of TWISTing with some of the brands I’ve admired over the years is very exciting and inspirational.  What would Spanx do??  Hmmm…





Cassandra Droogan is Founder & President, PYSIS Inc.

Connect with her on Twitter: @PYSIS and on Facebook: PYSISINC






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The Ying and Yang of Powerful Brand Stories – Free Webinar Replay

Finding the balance between your business’ visual and verbal communication is essential to presenting a solid brand identity and building consumer comfort and loyalty. The smoother and more consistent you are in presenting your brand’s promise the more comfortable your ideal customer will feel when interacting with you – and the more likely they will be to stick with you as a loyal brand ambassador.

But how do you know which “tone” defines your type of business? How do you map your visual images with your language to tell your brand story with the right feel and attitude?

Recently BrandTwist Founder & CEO Julie Cottineau joined Rebecca Swift, Head of Creative Planning at iStock, to present a free webcast, “The Ying and Yang of Powerful Brand Stories,” on visual and verbal branding.

Click on the video, above, to learn how to:

  • Get your brand noticed by creating a compelling story
  • Use pictures and language to engage your market
  • Search more effectively to find the perfect image
  • Arrive at a verbal and visual balance to help your business succeed.
  • Identify the three main “tones” that resonate with customers, and know which one is right for your business.

The positive responses and feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming and we send a big thank you to all who shared their comments.

We’re thrilled that iStock has generously made this free webcast replay available…. AND DON’T MISS OUT ON MORE:



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Using Imagery for Small Business Success – Webinar Replay

How can you inspire your brand to work harder and smarter for your business? It’s all here in this webinar replay with Rebecca Swift, Head of Creative Planning for iStock, and Julie Cottineau, Founder & CEO of BrandTwist and former VP of Brand for Virgin. Rebecca and Julie focus on the importance of how your brand expresses itself in words and images. You’ll also learn how to see tangible results, use best practices to leverage core brand pillars, and master comprehensive branding tools.

Thank you to iStock for making this free webcast replay available…. AND DON’T MISS OUT ON MORE:

istock_logo_completeSIGN UP ON iSTOCK FOR MORE webinars, inspiration and great visual content to support your business and brand.  Sign up HERE. 



You could receive a FREE BRAND ASSESSMENT one-on-one strategy session with Julie Cottineau. Fill out the form to see if your brand qualifies, HERE .