Are You Making the Most of All Touch-points?


Last week I was in London at the Virgin Management offices in Brook Green,and as with each time I visit, I discover something new about this wonderful, quirky building which is actually a converted school house.

This time, I noticed this sign above the toilet paper roll  in the “loo” which read “This is the only authorised Virgin rip off”.


It got me  thinking that there are so many moments when we have a somewhat “captive” audience that we are wasting an opportunity to re-inforce a  brand message.

In this case, Virgin’s Consumer Brand Champion message, cleverly displayed as a reminder to employees and visitors alike.

Sometimes these “corporate mission statements” can seem heavy handed. But I think the humor in this one, and the pun with the placement, make it work.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?

Are you making the most of all your brand touch-points?

2 thoughts on “Are You Making the Most of All Touch-points?

  1. I’ve often heard this called “ambient media” and when it’s as relevant and well placed like your example, I think it can be effective and enjoyable in equal measure.

    It’s a fine line between your example and “urban spam” and one we as marketers need to keep a beady eye on.

  2. This is one of the scores of cleverly placed messages that deliver the Virgin brand spirit at the London HQ. Some are subtle like this, whilst others almost scream at you, almost demanding an attitude of action and passion. All are delivered with a sense of humour that makes you stop and think…(can you really burn off a handful of M&M’s by walking up all three flights of stairs?)

    I agree that these are well-delivered messages, that reinforce the Virgin brand well, but that it there is a fine line – and I think that relevance and execution are all-important.

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